Zack's Suzuki GS550 Almost Completed

Jamie and I picked this bike up a couple years ago with the intention of building it and selling it to make a few bucks. Well business picked up and we got so busy that we didn't even have time to build it. We modified the frame then it pretty much just sat there until my nephew Zack mentioned that he wanted to finish it. I made a deal with Zack and he got to work on it. Zack originally helped us tear the bike down and do the frame mods. Almost everything other than the frame was done completely by Zack (not bad for a 15yr old). Zack modified the gas tank, built the exhaust system, built the electric box, mounted up the seat pan, built a sissy bar that's not shown in these pics, and he has the engine taken apart right now to install an early kick start setup. Zack says he's gonna sell this bike when it's completed so he can get started on a Sportster or Shovelhead project.


  1. right on zack! it looks killer, man. hope he doesn't regret selling it.

  2. thanks trent im hoping to sell it for around 2 to 3 thousand and try to pick up a bsa or triumph 650