Shovelhead Swingarm Frame Hardtail Conversion

Well I've decided to update the blog as frequently as possible rather than looking for something to post everyday. I don't want to post up things that really aren't that interesting so when I have something cool to post I'll throw it on here. Here's a few pics of a shovelhead frame that we reworked for a customer. This frame came to us looking like crap as you can see in the "before" pic. We cut the old hardtail off and built a new one. We can do this to any shovelhead swingarm frame if anyone's interested.


Custom Evo Sporty Hardtail

This is a custom hardtail that we built for a guy who wanted to replace the rear down tube and motor mounts. We can custom build one of these to your frame but we do not sell them as a weld on kit. Contact me if you're interested.