Promote your business on Biker Metric

My friend Trent Reker runs a site called bikermetric.com. Trent is one of the best designers, writers, and promoters that I've ever met. He designed the banner for our blog and website, he's always posting our new products, etc on his site, and he will be designing a lot more for us in the future. Trent's probably the most real and down to earth guy that you will ever meet. If you're not already familiar with bikermetric.com check it out and if you run a business in this industry you should definitely consider advertising on bikermetric.com. Trent has helped our business tremendously and he can do the same for yours.  


Ralph's XS650 Update

We've made a little progress on Ralph's bike since the last time I posted about it so I thought I post a couple updated pics. This bike is running a full custom Elswick Cycles frame, electric box, bars, and sissy bar, BSA B25 front end, 21" front and rear Harley wheels with Avon Speedmaster tires front and rear, Wassel style gas tank from Jason at No School Choppers with paint by Ralph's brother Jesse Flores (more paint to come, this is just the base coat), and a polished stainless steel rear fender from Lowbrow Customs. This bike should be completed within the next couple months. Stay tuned for more updates. 


XS650 Mid Controls

We've had customers interested in mid controls since we first started building hardtails for the XS650's. Well they're finally here! We would have liked to start producing these a long time ago but we also wanted to spend the time to make them perfect. This is the highest quality and smoothest operating set of controls out there. 100% tig welded with bronze bushings on all moving parts. These are shown with brass pegs but they're also available in aluminum.


XS650 Gooseneck Frame "Update"

This is a frame that we recently finished for a customer. It started out as a stock XS650 frame but we chopped it up and used only a few of the original pieces. Once the frame was completed we added a set of our new mid controls, one of our battery boxes, mounted the Cleveland Cycle Werks gas tank from Lowbrow Customs and mounted the seat. Hopefully I'll have more pics of this bike when it's completed.


The new website is finally up and running

After months of working on the site in my spare time, I finally managed to get it up and running. Unlike our old site, this one will have all of our parts available for sale. I'm still working on getting our miscellaneous parts listed and getting the photo gallery up but both pages will be up soon. If you have any pics of your bike with our parts please send them to robertelswick@gmail.com and I'll try to get them in the photo gallery.


Triumph Unit 500 Bolt on Hardtail

 We're now offering hardtails for Triumph unit 500 frames. These are built to the same high quality standards as our triumph 650 hardtails. They sell for $350 + shipping. This may not be the cheapest hardtail on the market but it's definitely the best out there.


Tattoos by Ralph

Just wanted to show off some of the badass tattoo work that Ralph's been doing for me. He does an amazing job with traditional style artwork.

Ralph's Bike "Update"

I took these pics of my bro, Ralph's XS650 yesterday. We swapped the 16" rear wheel for a 21 with an Avon Speedmaster. Ralph's brother Jessie has been working on the paint for the gas tank. Jessie does some badass paint work. I've seen tons of cars and trucks that he's done up with sweet metal flake jobs, can't wait to see the tank done. Ralph's been doing lots of tattoo work for Jamie and I in exchange for the time and parts we're putting into his bike.

Lucero "Bikeriders"

Thought I'd share this video. This is one of my favorite songs by Lucero, it's based on Danny Lyon's book "The Bikeriders" in which he chronicles his travels as a member of the Chicago Outlaws MC.


Yamaha XS650 Gooseneck

Well, I'm slacking again on updating the blog but we're starting to get into the busy season so I should have more cool shit to start posting up. These pics are of two different XS650 frames that we goosenecked. We did the first one a few months back and we're currently working on the bottom one. When we're done it'll have the gas tank mounted, seat mounted, and a set of custom mids mounted. We charge $325.00 to gooseneck an XS650 frame and rake the neck to anything from 28 degrees to 42 degrees. We're still working on plans, permits, building inspectors, and all the other BS with our new shop that we were supposed to be moved into a couple months ago. Things are going slower than planned but we'll be moved in eventually.


Shovelhead Swingarm Frame Hardtail Conversion

Well I've decided to update the blog as frequently as possible rather than looking for something to post everyday. I don't want to post up things that really aren't that interesting so when I have something cool to post I'll throw it on here. Here's a few pics of a shovelhead frame that we reworked for a customer. This frame came to us looking like crap as you can see in the "before" pic. We cut the old hardtail off and built a new one. We can do this to any shovelhead swingarm frame if anyone's interested.


Custom Evo Sporty Hardtail

This is a custom hardtail that we built for a guy who wanted to replace the rear down tube and motor mounts. We can custom build one of these to your frame but we do not sell them as a weld on kit. Contact me if you're interested.


Biker Metric

Our friend Trent over at Biker Metric sent me a couple pics of the "Freedom or Death" XS650 the other day. He's working on getting the auxiliary gas tank hooked up then we'll have more pics. This bike was built by my friend Jeff at Saint Motorbikes. It's running an Elswick Cycles hardtail and custom auxiliary gas tank under the seat. This was a really cool project because it's the result of a few different small companies getting together and donating parts and labor for a low budget build. If you don't already follow Biker Metric, you should! Trent's constantly posting about all kinds of British, European, and Japanese bikes from Jawa's to BMW's to Honda's you'll find a lot of cool stuff there.


Custom Drop Seat XS650 Hardtail

This is a hardtail that we built over the weekend for a customer who wanted something a little different than the standard drop seat hardtail. We've built quite a few of these recently. We don't normally advertise them but they are available for around the same cost as a standard drop seat hardtail.


If you want it done right do it yourself!

Well this post isn't really bike related but this is what we've been doing for the past two days. We had a "handy man" that was supposed to build our office and bathroom in the new shop. The first pic is what he accomplished in three weeks before I finally decided to take it into my own hands and get it finished up so we wouldn't have to wait another month to move in. The second two pics are the rough finished bathroom after Jamie, Zach, my brother-in-law Ralph, and I worked on it for two days. We're gonna be back to busting ass on parts tomorrow and through the weekend then hopefully we can make more progress on the shop next week.


Sportster Evo Hardtail, Oil Tank, Battery Box Kit

Most guys order their hardtail then order an oil tank and battery box later. Well if you have the cash to buy all three at once we'll mount the battery box and oil tank up to your hardtail for free. The top picture is a kit that we finished up today and the bottom pic is one that we built and installed to a customers frame a while back. These kits sell for $585 + shipping.  


Battery Boxes

We have a couple standard size battery boxes available for Triumph and Harley batteries that sell for around $85 + shipping. The one pictured here is for a Triumph but it also works well for Yamaha XS650's. We can also build custom size battery boxes but the price might be a little higher depending on size. These are just simple mild steel boxes with clean high quality welds. I don't really find it necessary to get all crazy with billet aluminum and laser cut designs on a battery box.


Custom Frames

Here's a few pictures of some of the custom frames that we've built. I originally got into the motorcycle industry by working as a frame builder for Daytec Center (the highest quality frame manufacturer in the world). I spent 8yrs at Daytec learning everything I could about motorcycle frames and perfecting my welding skills before finally starting Elswick Cycles. We can build custom frames for Harley Big Twins, Sportsters, Triumph 650 and 500 unit engines, BSA A65/A50 engines and will eventually be offering complete frames for Yamaha XS650's. All of our frames are built in a jig to the highest quality standards with high quality materials and 100% tig welded. All frames include an MSO.  


Ralph's XS650

I originally started building this bike into more of a narrow chopper style bike for myself. A couple months ago I decided to give it to my brother-in-law since he's always tattooing me for free. He wanted to change it up a little and build it into more of a bobber. I love the way it looks with the Triumph TR25 front end and the spooled 21" wheel. We're gonna be running a 21" rear wheel  instead of the 16" and some lower bars. This is gonna be a badass little XS so keep an eye out for updates.


Triumph Hardtail Kit

We offer these complete kits with the oil tank and battery box already mounted for around $625. They're available for Triumph unit 650's or 500's. Our hardtails are the highest quality Triumph hardtails on the market. These have billet machined mounts and are completely tig welded. We dogleg the lower tubes for a balanced look and proper chain clearance. We also spent a lot of time perfecting our stress relieving procedure so they're a true bolt on fit (no prying or bending needed to install them). The owner of another "factory" had the nerve to ask me for dimensions, etc. shortly after we started building these then he went on to copy our design. Our hardtail is far superior in design, fit and quality. 


Custom XS650 Hardtail

We had a customer ask if we could build a hardtail for his XS650 that would allow him to use the stock foot controls. This is what we came up with. We're capable of doing this type of hardtail as a service if anyone's interested.


Ironhead Sportster Hardtail

We're now offering top quality weld on hardtails for Ironhead Sportsters. Like all of our parts, these are made to order. Current lead time is around 3-4 weeks. Please contact me for more info. robert@elswickcycles.com


XS650 neck rake service

If you're gonna be shipping your frame to us for a hardtail anyway, why not have us rake it out a few degrees and clean up the neck area. We normally charge around $225 - $250 to clean up and rake the neck like the frame shown in this picture.

Elswick Cycles Update

We have a lot going on here at Elswick Cycles but we're finally getting caught up on parts just in time for the busy season. In less than a month we'll be working out of much bigger shop in Hesperia California which will make things a lot more organized and help us to be more productive. We also have a new version of our website that'll be up and running soon. The new website will have all of our existing products plus some new parts that we have in the works. I'm gonna try to get back to updating the blog everyday. Sorry I haven't done much with it over the last few months.


Freedom Or Death motorcycle party

I just got this poster from my friend Trent at bikernetmetric.com . This party will definitely be a good time so try to make it if you can. I would love to be there but we have way too much work that needs to be done here in the shop.