Freedom Or Death motorcycle party

I just got this poster from my friend Trent at bikernetmetric.com . This party will definitely be a good time so try to make it if you can. I would love to be there but we have way too much work that needs to be done here in the shop.


XS650 Vertical mount electric box

Here's another electric box we came up with for the XS650. We'll be producing these shortly. This box is nice because it will bolt right up to your rear motor mount. We'll be offering these with or without a filler neck that will have a hidden key switch under the cap. If you're interested in ordering one of these you can contact me at robert@elswickcycles.com.


Bikernetmetric.com "Freedom or Death"

We built this 6 over XS650 hardtail for Trent at Bikernetmetric.com. This will be going on their "Freedom or Death" build. The bike will be built by Jeff at Saint Motorbikes. Every build Jeff does blows me away. He's a true original builder with his own style. I can't wait to see how this XS turns out, I know it'll be badass. If you haven't checked out Bikernetmetric.com you should. It's an awesome blog style website that's mainly focused on Metric bikes but always has something new and cool posted up. I've dealt with Trent a little and he's a stand up guy and know his shit when it comes to the Metric bike world.


Triumph and Sportster clamp on oil tanks

We offer clamp on oil tanks for Triumph unit 650's and aftermarket Sportster frames. The tank on the right is a Sportster tank and the other tank is the Triumph tank. We can also build custom clamp on tanks for stock framed Sportsters and Triumph unit 500's.


69 BSA A65

Here's a few pics of a BSA project that I started a while back. I decided to sell this as a project because I have other projects that need to be finished. I really don't have time for this one. I'm trying to get my XS650 finished up then I'm gonna be starting on a Shovelhead build. I'll be selling the BSA frame, gas tank, seat pan, and oil tank. I also have a lot of engine parts that will go with it (2 sets of cases, 1 set of polished side covers, cylinder jugs, 2 heads, a new set of pistons, a crankshaft, rods, a tranny, and many other parts) there's almost enough parts to put together a running engine. If anyone's interested, contact me at robert@elswickcycles.com or 760-315-7593. SOLD!


Custom XS650 foot controls

These are the stainless and brass foot controls on Danny's bike. Jamie's been working on these. He finished up the brake side this evening. They came out badass. Jamie is the master when it comes to small details. These will be polished when we're done.

Modified Wards Riverside gas tank.

This is an old Wards Riverside gas tank that I've been working on little by little. I just welded the filler neck on. This tank's gonna go on my XS650 chopper.

Making an aluminum Triumph filter bung

I made this Triumph filter bung for a customer that's running a mooneyes tank on his Trump. We didn't have any aluminum round bar so I started with 1x2 square bar. If you need a steel bung check out Lowbrow Customs. They have nice cnc machined steel bungs.


Wassel frisco job

My friend Jeff sent me this wassel tank to frisco for his Sporty that we recently hardtailed. Jamie started cutting it up and fabbing the sheetmetal pieces for it. Can't wait to see it on Jeff's bike.

XS650 Fake Oil Tank / Electric box

Today I built this fake oil tank. This was designed for XS650'S but it can be used for any bike that doesn't run an oil tank. These are built to the same high quality standards as our oil tanks. We're gonna be offering these for around $125+shipping.