We picked up a new toy today

So our bandsaw's gearbox took a shit on us today and we found a small bandsaw on craigslist to use for a backup until we get the parts in for the big saw. The guy that was selling the bandsaw had this thing, he didn't know what it was but he wanted $25 for it. I was interested before he even told me it was for sale. I figured it would be cool to make different dies for it and use it for shaping sheetmetal. Honestly I had no idea what it was originally designed for. We got it back to the shop, cleaned off the tag and realized that it's a riveter for relining brake shoes on really old cars. It was made by Riess Mfg Co and distributed by multibestos (an asbestos brake manufacturer that operated between 1920 and 1937 in Walpole Massachusetts). It's even older than I thought. Pretty cool huh?


More pics of the custom XS650 hardtail

Here's a few more pics of the custom XS650 drop seat hardtail that we started on yesterday. We stuck it on an old frame that we had here just to see how it would look. I like how this one turned out.

Triumph oil tanks

Here's a Triumph ronded end oil tank. We offer a variety of oil tanks for Triumph's, Harley's, BSA's, and Honda's. Most tanks can be purchased directly from Elswick Cycles or through Lowbrow Customs. We can also build a custom tank to your specs.


Custom XS650 Drop Seat Hardtail

Jamie Elswick fitting up the seat tubes on a custom drop seat XS650 hardtail. This one's gonna be a little different than our standard drop seat hardtail. We can do custom variations of our standard hardtails for around the same price. Check out all of our standard hardtails at elswickcyles.com. I'll post more on this one when it's finished up.


Dannys XS650 finally coming together

I'll post more on this bike later. This post was just to test my mobile blogging capabilities. Works pretty good, I can post things straight from my phone while I'm still working in the shop. Technology Rocks!

Custom Gas Tank Work

Here's a few pics of a Sportster gas tank that I modified for my friend Rich. I cut it in half and removed about 1.5" from the center, put a flat bottom on it with a high mounted Frisco style tunnel, made custom mounts, and relocated the petcock and filler bungs. 
We can do this with your stock Sportster tank for around $275. We're also capable of doing many other mods to any gas tank. We do everything from narrowing and Frico'ing to just relocating bungs or installing mounts.