Triumph Unit 500 Bolt on Hardtail

 We're now offering hardtails for Triumph unit 500 frames. These are built to the same high quality standards as our triumph 650 hardtails. They sell for $350 + shipping. This may not be the cheapest hardtail on the market but it's definitely the best out there.


Tattoos by Ralph

Just wanted to show off some of the badass tattoo work that Ralph's been doing for me. He does an amazing job with traditional style artwork.

Ralph's Bike "Update"

I took these pics of my bro, Ralph's XS650 yesterday. We swapped the 16" rear wheel for a 21 with an Avon Speedmaster. Ralph's brother Jessie has been working on the paint for the gas tank. Jessie does some badass paint work. I've seen tons of cars and trucks that he's done up with sweet metal flake jobs, can't wait to see the tank done. Ralph's been doing lots of tattoo work for Jamie and I in exchange for the time and parts we're putting into his bike.

Lucero "Bikeriders"

Thought I'd share this video. This is one of my favorite songs by Lucero, it's based on Danny Lyon's book "The Bikeriders" in which he chronicles his travels as a member of the Chicago Outlaws MC.


Yamaha XS650 Gooseneck

Well, I'm slacking again on updating the blog but we're starting to get into the busy season so I should have more cool shit to start posting up. These pics are of two different XS650 frames that we goosenecked. We did the first one a few months back and we're currently working on the bottom one. When we're done it'll have the gas tank mounted, seat mounted, and a set of custom mids mounted. We charge $325.00 to gooseneck an XS650 frame and rake the neck to anything from 28 degrees to 42 degrees. We're still working on plans, permits, building inspectors, and all the other BS with our new shop that we were supposed to be moved into a couple months ago. Things are going slower than planned but we'll be moved in eventually.