Promote your business on Biker Metric

My friend Trent Reker runs a site called bikermetric.com. Trent is one of the best designers, writers, and promoters that I've ever met. He designed the banner for our blog and website, he's always posting our new products, etc on his site, and he will be designing a lot more for us in the future. Trent's probably the most real and down to earth guy that you will ever meet. If you're not already familiar with bikermetric.com check it out and if you run a business in this industry you should definitely consider advertising on bikermetric.com. Trent has helped our business tremendously and he can do the same for yours.  


  1. thanks guys! this post is a very cool thing for you to do for me. keep kicking ass!

  2. No problem Trent. I've seen first hand what you're capable of. You deserve it man!