69 BSA A65

Here's a few pics of a BSA project that I started a while back. I decided to sell this as a project because I have other projects that need to be finished. I really don't have time for this one. I'm trying to get my XS650 finished up then I'm gonna be starting on a Shovelhead build. I'll be selling the BSA frame, gas tank, seat pan, and oil tank. I also have a lot of engine parts that will go with it (2 sets of cases, 1 set of polished side covers, cylinder jugs, 2 heads, a new set of pistons, a crankshaft, rods, a tranny, and many other parts) there's almost enough parts to put together a running engine. If anyone's interested, contact me at robert@elswickcycles.com or 760-315-7593. SOLD!

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